15:01 actual
Scores detained in multiple cities
13:44 actual
Families submit application to visit İmralı
13:44 actual
Night raid on HDP building in Van
13:43 actual
Ehmed: An agreement to rebuild Shengal is needed
10:48 actual
Our reporter Karataş put in a cell
10:19 actual
Prosecutor investigated if the 24 civillians who were killed 5 years ago had ties with 'the organization'
10:19 actual
Our reporter Hakan Yalçın detained
17:28 actual
Our reporter Karataş arrested
16:11 actual
ECtHR’s scandalous verdict on HDP: HDP does not have victim status
14:12 actual
Our reporter Karataş is accused of news interviews
14:11 actual
Police raided HDK building while no one was there, seized digital materials
14:11 actual
Leyla Öztürk was killed with a state issued gun
14:10 actual
Seeing their clients in prison considered a crime
14:08 actual
Attorneys of Öcalan submits new application to visit İmralı
12:44 actual
Heavy deployment of troops continues in Shengal
12:34 actual
Journalist Metina: They asked if I was a member of Kurdish Writers Association
12:33 actual
Mother who lost her daughter in Shengal Massacre: We must stand against war
10:31 actual
Scores detain in operation in İstanbul
10:17 actual
Êzidî intellectuals: Peshmerga dressed as Iraqi soldiers besieged Shengal
09:40 actual
Özgüneş: This will be the century of national unity and freedom for the Kurds
17:27 women
Women raise both their words and struggle against violence
17:25 actual
Alternating hunger strike against isolation begins in prisons indefinitely
13:36 actual
Journalist Elî: There have been Turkmen groups among the soldiers sent to Shengal
13:36 actual
Sexist November 25th poster from the trustee
13:35 actual
November 25 message from arrested women politicians
09:41 actual
Our detained reporter Karataş taken to Erzurum
16:57 actual
Restriction of legal council for our reporter Karataş
16:26 actual
ECHR ruled for violation in Ahmet Şık case
14:07 actual
Police attack workers marching to Ankara
11:48 actual
Attorneys of Öcalan submits new application to visit İmralı
11:22 actual
Disciplinary punishment for prisoner speaking to MA about spreading Coronavirus in prison
11:09 actual
Police raid on our Van office
10:46 actual
Riham Hesen: Turkey wants to control Shengal through KDP
09:27 actual
Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly: All forces be ready to defend Shengal
09:27 actual
Our reporter Dindar Karataş detained
09:26 actual
JinNews editor Metina released
09:26 actual
Five people jailed in DTK investigation in Diyarbakır
16:28 actual
HDP Immigration and Refugee Commission: We will be the voice of Iranian Z.N
15:27 actual
Indictment for the rape in removal center prepared
15:10 actual
Curfew declared in four neighborhoods in Mardin for military operation
14:10 actual
HDP's Van Muradiye Co-Mayor released from prison
13:28 actual
Antep KCK Case: If the Minister of Justice wants reform, he should check out this case
12:32 actual
İstanbul Mayor İmamoğlu: 186 died of coronavirus only in İstanbul yesterday
12:32 actual
HDP's Piroğlu: Deep state speaks through Çakıcı
09:46 actual
Inspector reports refute the trustees declared 'clean' by the Ministry of Interior
16:25 actual
Dozens detained during protest for the detention from DTK
10:51 actual
'Both the Kurdish people and their attorneys will resist'
09:57 actual
Yoleri: The government is polarizing society
09:56 actual
JinNews website blocked for the third time in a month
09:55 actual
Leyla Güven: We will mobilize with all our might