It's now time to stand with HDP

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  • 10:27 26 September 2020
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ANKARA - HDP MPs Meral Danış Beştaş and Garo Paylan whom summaries regarding the Kobané investigation was prepared, said: "Resistance will eventually succeed. Now it is time to stand with HDP."

Within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, many people, including former HDP deputies and members of the Central Executive Board (MYK), were detained yesterday on the grounds of the October 6-8 Kobanê protests. Summaries was prepared by the prosecutor's office about 7 current MPs who were at the MYK in 2014.
HDP Group Deputy Chairman Meral Danış Beştaş and Garo Paylan, Deputy Co-Chair for Economy, spoke to the Mesopotamia Agency (MA).
Stating that the government has been attacking HDP, detaining and arresting people non stop for the last 5 years, Beştaş said: "Everyday our members in various cities have been the targets of these attacks while the government misleads people, telling lies about HDP, criminalizing the party." Underlining the fact that the government has been using the Kobané protests like an election campaign swing, Beştaş said: "The protests took place in 2014. We are now in 2020. They are using the Kobanê incidents to create legitimate grounds for their attacks. The law suits filed against us back then was filed with the charge of opposing the law on meetings and demonstrations, which is punishable bu 1 to 3 years. There was no such crime like they are charging us today, 6 years later." Explaining that the AKP that can not compete with them politically, Beştaş said: "Now they are using the legal system as a tool of punishment that they can use at their will. We are demanding peace. They are on the side of law. Everytime we told that democratization of Turkey can not be possible without solving the Kurdish problem and everyone should be an equal citizen, they launched operations against us. We are the third biggest party of this country. No once can say they are defending the rule of law and not stand with HDP, no one can claim democracy will come to Turkey if they are not standing with HDP now."
Stating that every attack of AKP against HDP weekens AKP, Turkey's democracy is taking a hit everytime, Deputy Co-Chair for Economy and HDP Diyarbakır MP Garo Paylan said: "There is a strong reaction from a wide eange of people against the detentions. The government could not get what they wanted from this operation. They are insisting on persecution. We are insisting on resisting. Resistance will win."
Paylan said: "The government is unable to create a narrative. They need to polarize the people and create common enemies in order to cover up their political and economic failure. I think the people of Turkey knows that there is a conspiracy here about the accusations regarding the Kobané protests. We will try to reveal their lies about the provocation in October 6-8, 2014. Counter forces have been put in action and a lot of our people were executed as a result. We will do all that in our power to expose AKP's lies. We are not afraid of them."
Kobanê eylemleri sırasında yaşananların aydınlatılması için defalarca araştırma önergesi verdiklerini ancak bu önergelerin iktidar oylarıyla reddedildiğini hatırlatan Paylan, “Burada büyük bir yalanın ve iftiranın olduğunu Türkiye halklarının bildiğini düşünüyorum. Bizde 6-8 Ekim ile ilgili AKP’nin yalanlarına karşı hakikati anlatmaya çalışacağız. Çünkü orada hayatını kaybedenler sonuçta devletin provokasyonu ile hayatını kaybetti. Pek çok ilde kontra güçler harekete geçirildi ve vatandaşlarımız infaz edildiler. AKP’nin yalanlarını ortaya çıkarmak için elimizden geleni yapacağız. Gelin hodri meydan diyoruz biz korkmuyoruz” şeklinde konuştu.
Paylan continued: "If we were afraid of their summaries, we would not be here right now. We are not the kind of people who shy away from operations like this. They should have understand it by now. We think that everyone who believes in democracy should stand with HDP right now. Standing with HDP means standing with democracy. We know that what they are doing to HDP now can happen to any other party tomorrow. It is now time to stand with the HDP and democracy."

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