Womens struggle for freedom is targeted

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  • 11:28 26 January 2021
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ANKARA - HDP's Züleyha Gülüm stated that the criminalization of the expression “matrilineal society” in the reasoned decision of the sentence against Leyla Güven is an attack on the theoretical grounds of the women's struggle and that the main target is the women's freedom struggle.

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair Leyla Güven was sentenced to 22 years and 3 months in prison. In the reasoned decision, the term 'matrilineal society' was considered to be a hate crime. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) İstanbul MP Züleyha Gülüm who underlined that the government is attacking the women's struggle for freedom, said: "Because we never stepped back as the women. Kurdish women are displaying a very determined stance in this struggle.That's why the government keeps attacking the women's struggle, the feminists for a long while. Women's struggle is what they fear from the most."
Pointing out that the attacks are displayed in a different manner in the law suits, Gülüm said: "They targeted the co-chair system during their attack on our municipalities. The co-chair system is one of the most important institutional function women brought to the struggle. Co-Chair system is a system that empowers the women and enable them to take part in politics. Gültan Kışanak and Sebahat Tuncel were on trial for March 8 demonstrations and other women's demos. Now Leyla Güven is targeted for mentioning “matrilineal society”.
Evaluating the fact that matrilineality to be considered a crime in Güven's case as an attack on theoretical ground, Gülüm said: "For the first time, a discussion of the ideological ground is held. How can this concept constitute a hate crime, how can it incite aggression? It is difficult to understand. But when we look at the indictment, we can observe that there is actually no basis for any accusation, and that it springs from the ideological ground and political mentality in their minds. The indictments are being written not on a legal basis but as a result of this hostile male-dominated mentality they have produced. We are in an environment where even the sign of victory becomes a crime. The main target of the attack here is women's freedom struggle. Because they are afraid of the matrilineal society debate itself. Because we are talking about a situation that damages male domination and a claim that will force and change the male power they have established, and the system they follow."
Underlining that there is a persisting wave of attacks against the women and the LGBTİ+, Gülüm said: "These attacks intensified with capitalism and as a result of the policies implemented for the last 18 years. The violence increased, women grew poorer, unemployment rates increased. We saw in the Melek İpek case. Women are on trial for defending themselves in order to survive. Just by looking at Melek İpek's face and body, one can see the torture she has been through that night. But she was arrested anyway. It was a self- defense situtation. Both her and her children would die if she hadn't kill her husband."
Underlining that a versatile struggle is needed in order to avoid these attacks, Gülüm said: "We will fight back in order to find the true justice. We will continue to follow up on the trials of the women. Because we all stand trial in those hearings. Our politics, out struggle for freedom stands trial." Pointing out that as the HDP Women's Assembly they are in a preperation process, Gülüm said: "Women are fighting for their rights and fighting to gain more rights not only in Turkey but also in the world. We have to step up the struggle. Whatever happens to one of us, must be the concern of all of the other women."
MA / Zemo Ağgöz

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