A 7 year old and a 16 year old boy, tortured via police dogs

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  • 11:55 26 October 2020
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DİYARBAKIR - Hanım Türk, who was subjected to torture with dogs for two hours during a police raid on her home, her children was laid on the ground while the dogs attacked them.

Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the house of Faris Türk in the Peyas District of Kayapınar district was raided on October 20. During the raid, the Türk family was tortured via police dogs.  Faris Türk, who was taken into custody, was arrested by the court with the accusation of 'being a member of a terrorist organization'. Hanım Türk told about the torture they endured as a family. 
Ms. Türk said that on October 20, around 05:00 in the morning, the police surrounded the building and raided their home, even though the family told they were opening the door, they busted the door and broke in.
Stating that the police entered their home with 3 dogs after breaking down the door, Türk said: "They made the dogs attack my husband. My two sons, one at the age of 7 and one 16 were sleeping in their room. My son was so scared of the dogs and he shouted. Their father thought that the police were torturing them so he ran to their room but the police forced him into another room."
Stating that the police took her to another room and hit her in the head with a gun butt, Tür said she was battered because she tried to protect herself from the dogs.
Telling that the police later took the dogs to the room where her children and husband were held, Türk said, "They laid my sons on the floor. Made the dogs attack them. They were traumatized. They have been in fear ever since. We were tortured around 2 hours."
Explaining that her husband was beaten by at least 10 police officers, Türk told that 3 police officers with plain clothes later entered the room and took the dogs outside. Türk stated that the 3 police officers soon called in some neighbors, told them they didn't do anything to us and made them sign a report.
Stating that her sons were traumatized after the incident, Türk said: "My younger son has night terrors now. He is always asking about his father. We still couldn't tell him that he is arrested and sent to prison. He can't sleep at nights. The raid effected my sons very badly."
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