Taşdemir: The government is following a policy of breaking the will of women

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  • 12:23 26 October 2020
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DİYARBAKIR – HDP member Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir said that the government pursues a policy of breaking the will of women because women are perceived as a threat to the construction of a new regime.

According to the data of We Will Stop Femicides Platform, while 16 women were killed in September, 20 women lost their lives under suspicious circumstances. 9 of the murdered women were murdered by their husbands.  Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Ağrı Deputy Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir stated that violence against women is tried to be made ordinary during the AKP rule.
Taşdemir pointed out that since the AKP came to power in 2002, the attacks against women have reached the level of savagery, and stated that they are trying to isolate women by targeting the Istanbul Convention and Law No. 6284. Stating that the AKP government is preparing for the construction of a new regime, Taşdemir said that the main target in the construction of this new regime is women fighting for freedom. Stating that the government does not accept the profile of women who insist on the line of women's freedom and organizing the society, Taşdemir told that a more reasonable, obedient and consenting women is preferred by the government and added that the women who opposed this are being subjected to violence." 
Adding that the government primarily targeted Kurdish women, Taşdemir said, “Women detained in the 1990s were also abused and raped, their bodies were exposed, their villages were burned. Even though these cases were brought before the European Courts of Human's Rights (ECHR), not a single law enforcement officer has been prosecuted. Let alone prosecuting these people, some of them had been promoted, just like we have seen in the Musa Orhan case."
Emphasizing that no trials have been carried out for crimes against Kurds, especially women, since the history of the Republic, Taşdemir said, “A politics that persistently criminalize the Kurds' demands for democracy and freedom, or their mother tongue and identity is being followed. And the main path they persue is to break the will of the women besides detaining, arresting and terrorizing them.The exposure of the female body, the attacks on the female body are a reflection of this colonial politics, conquest and occupation politics.
Emphasizing that the women's struggle has historical roots, Taşdemir said that the strongest opposition that wages an effective struggle against the AKP is women. Taşdemir said: "The women took to the streets while they are being told to stay home, they defended the İstanbul Convention, they resisted against sexual assaults, they defended the co-chair system, they took to the streets against the attacks on women's organizations. The reason for these attacks getting bolder and wider is that the women are not organized and strong. We have resisted yesterday, and we will keep resisting tomorrow because the only way to defeat fascism is to resist. We will wage our struggle radically to defend the co-chair system. We will continue to take to the streets for the gains of the women."
MA / Arjin Dilek Öncel