Felyaq El Sham has been hit

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  • 14:10 26 October 2020
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NEWS CENTER -  Russian fighter jets have conducted aerial raids on posts held by Turkey backed mercenaries of Al-Sham Corps (Fayleq AL-Sham) to the west of Idlib, in line with mutual targeting between Syrian government forces and mercenaries in southern Idlib. 

Russian military planes launched raids on areas in the Jabal Al-Diwela, in the Harem region, to the north - western of Idlib, at about 9 km from the border with Alexandretta, where many bases held by mercenaries are stationed specially those of Al-Sham Corps (Fayleq AL-Sham) backed by Turkey, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.    
Located in a rural village in Idlib Duveyl, Turkey supported Feylaq headquarters of Al-Sham group were hit from the air. It was claimed that the air attack was carried out by Russian aircraft. According to the first estimations, 50 people died and 80 people were injured in the bombardment.