Second suspect lost his life after the explosion in Hatay

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  • 08:19 27 October 2020
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HATAY -  Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, who made a statement regarding the armed clash and live bomb attack in Hatay, declared that both suspects lost their lives.

An armed clash took place between two men and the law enforcement units in the Payas and İskenderun districts of Hatay. Suspect attacking a gendermerie application point, injured a non-comissioned officer.  The clash continued in Fener Caddesi and PAC Square in Iskenderun city center. One of the suspects detonated a bomb on him. Many cars and workplaces were damaged as a result of the explosion. Two citizens and the Deputy Police Chief of İskenderun were injured. The other suspect fled the scene.
According to the information obtained from local sources; The other suspect was reported to have been engaged in another clash with the law enforcement units and lost his life as a result.
Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated in his post on his social media account that two attackers lost their lives and said, "Well done to our heroes. Both terrorists have been neutralized."
Hatay Governor Rahmi Doğan also made statements to journalists about the explosion that occurred in Iskenderun district center. Stating that there was no loss of life in the clash and the explosion , Doğan said: "A few people are slightly injured but there is no loss of life. Terrorists came from Mimbic to the Amanos Mountains. As of today PKK terror organization is destroyed in Amanos Mountains and no one from the organization is left alive."
On the other hand, extensive security measures by the police continue in both Payas and Iskenderun district.