8 bodies held at Şırnak State Hopsital for 33 days

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  • 09:38 27 October 2020
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ŞIRNAK – 8 bodies held at the Şırnak State Hospital for 33 days are still not delivered to their families despite DNA tests.

The bodies of 8 HPG members who lost their lives in armed clashes in Cudi and Gabar Mountains and Beste Streams region are held at the Şırnak State Hospital for 33 days. 
Şırnak Devlet Hastanesi’nde 33 gündür morgda bekletilen 8 cenaze, ailelerinin DNA örneği vermesine rağmen teslim edilmedi. The bodies of the 8 people aren't being delivered to their families because the DNA test results haven't arrived yet.
Stating that the family hasn't been given any information yet, Necat Polat, the lawyer of Şilan Polat's family living in Yüksekova district of Hakkari, who lost her life in the clashes said: "On October 2, the family was informed that the body of their daughter were in Şırnak State Hospital. The family went to Şırnak State Hospital and gave a blood samples for the DNA test on October 5. No information has been given to the family since that day. We were informed that the DNA results have not yet been obtained after the application  we made to the prosecutor's office on Monday. Of course we are not yet sure that the body belongs to the family. We have no choice but to wait before the DNA result is officially confirmes the result or by other means. But they can at least respond to us as to when will the DNA results will be recieved. We will follow the judicial process if the family consents."